How is a US Capital Program going to help me?

US Capital Promotion Card programs do several things that other marketing can't. From saturation mailing to the latest internet strategy, there are a lot of ways to try filling your showroom.

However, moving cars means bringing the right people in the right way.

US Capital allows you to target your customer with a direct mail offer that is more than pretty pictures. A credit card is something that your customers can touch, can understand and psychologically give more value to than a printed offer. Best of all, the act of filling out the information to activate that card will give your sales organization the financial information at the start of the relationship.

Rather than stumbling in the dark, you can save time and sell from a position of strength without having to be aggressive to get the information you need.

How easy is a US Capital Program?

Select an offer that makes sense and select an exact customer profile to target. US Capital can execute everything else, from creative and printing to fulfillment, or work with your people to make it happen.

Within minutes of showing up on your lot with a US Capital offer, you’ll know which cars and deals you have that are a perfect fit for that customer. The short application will tell you everything you want to know....without having to ask.

The entire process takes 15 minutes with US Capital’s in-house processing. That gives you enough time to engage the customer without you or them getting impatient. Now, that US Capital credit card did more than bring a customer in; it may help get them off your lot in a new car.

The best part of your US Capital card program is that you can use it again and again. You can run promotions to attract new customers, reward existing ones and incentivize referrals; all with the same system. Best of all, the program never gets tired since it’s limited only by your imagination in creating new offers that leverage the power of the credit card.

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